What is the deadline for an entry?
4pm, Friday, July 26, 2019

How many winners will be announced?
12—one for each month of the year.

What is the prize for each winner?
Each photo winner will receive $100.

Where will the names of the winners be announced?
Each winner will be contacted individually; in addition, Coastal Community may also post the names of the winners on the website after the launch of calendars in all Coastal Community locations in mid-October.

How will the photographs be judged?
Using the voting results, a Coastal Community employee group will make the final selection based on a variety of factors including regional and seasonal representation.

Is photo manipulation allowed?
Some photo manipulation (i.e. Photoshop), such as cropping and brightness control is allowed, but not a requirement.

How old can my photo be?
All photos should have been taken within the past year.

Why do I need to approve a waiver for photos with people in them?
For legal reasons, we need to ensure that we have permission before a photo with a person or people in it is posted.

Who can I contact with other questions I may have about this contest?
Please email contest@cccu.ca and we will connect with you as quickly as possible.